About Trams and ClientBase Products and Services

For over 28 years, Trams and ClientBase Products and Services has assisted travel agencies in their efforts to grow revenue, optimize customer management, and streamline processes. More than 45,000 agents in over 11,000 locations currently use Trams solutions which provide the leading back office system, Trams Back Office, the lead­ing agency customer relationship management (CRM) product, ClientBase, as well as unique agency marketing services through ClientBase Marketing Services (CBMS).

As of 2006, Trams and ClientBase Products and Services became a Division of Sabre Corporation, and continues to integrate with options that add value for clients, and value to Trams' products - whether those products are Sabre-related, neutral, or competitive to Sabre. Sabre adds the resources and expertise that enables Trams to better serve the travel industry.

Trams and ClientBase Product and Services continues to provide industry-standard products, de­velopment, training, support, and the Technology and Marketing conference.

With 54 employees, and the average Trams manager being with the company for over 15 years, Trams and ClientBase Product and Services continues to offer SMART solutions for travel agency management and marketing.