Trams Certified Consultants

The Trams Certified Consultant (TCC) Program is a network of independent contractors supporting and training Trams products. Some of them are agents, some are accountants, and others are industry consultants. In all cases, Trams Products and Services provides Certified Consultants with an extensive training curriculum and testing to assure you proficiency in all Trams products. Trams refers a consultant at your request. Most of them work remotely. Rates and payments are between you and the consultant. To verify certification of your consultant, look for the Trams Certified Consultant logo on their business cards. Only those who have attended training and passed extensive testing are permitted to display this logo.

Download the PDF file of Trams Certified Consultants that have passed Advanced Certification in both ClientBase and Trams Back Office products.

Download the PDF file of all Trams Certified Consultants, organized by State.

Sabre’s goal is to match its customers with competent consultants that have a proven history they can work with our products. While Trams Back Office and ClientBase customers have had success in working with these companies, Sabre does not own or control the companies and organizations listed. Therefore, by using these consultants, our customers understand, acknowledge and accept that Sabre cannot be held liable or responsible for any adverse event that takes place with the companies listed. Choosing a company or organization is strictly voluntary and done so at the sole risk of the customer.