Upload a Trams Database

To upload a database to send to Trams and ClientBase Products and Services, do the following:

1) A Trams Support Representative has asked you to upload your database. Make a note of the Service Incident Number they have given you.

2) Make a backup of the database making sure to check Encrypt Backup File and enter a password for the backup. (Make note of this password.) Because of PCI Compliance regulations, any database received that is NOT encrypted will automatically be deleted out of our system without opening. (Make sure to note the location of the backup so you can browse to it easily for uploading.)

*Note, in versions 2.06 and lower of ibbackup, the backup password is entered in a prompt window after hitting backup now.

3) Click here to upload the database and fill in the following information:

Confirmation emails go to Trams Technical Support at Trams.TechDesk@sabre.com.