TLS Upgrade Deadline is 2/15/16

    January 01, 2016

    Customers Affected:

    • ClientBase Marketing Services
    • Database Synchronization tool (CBMS Sync, CBO Sync or Branch Sync)
    • ClientBase Online users


    SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the method in which computers communicate with each other securely. ClientBase Online, CBMS, and our Database Synchronization tool all use SSL/TLS to secure communications between our servers and web browsers or local applications accessing them. Due to PCI requirements Sabre must upgrade all of its systems to TLS version 1.2 and disable SSL and earlier versions of TLS. TLS 1.2 has been implemented on all of our Trams servers except for the servers that manage our database synchronization communication ( This upgrade must be completed by 02/15/16 to remain compliant with mandated industry regulations.

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