STX - Important Announcement About Sabre Technology Exchange

    February 20, 2020

    Customers Affected:
    All Trams and ClientBase Customers


    STX Announcement

    Important announcement

    Dear Trams and ClientBase Customer,

    We want to take this opportunity to share some changes to the annual STX conference. Many of you have seen a significant evolution from the early days of Trams Technology University as the scope and objectives of the event have grown. STX has evolved to become less of an event to train users on current products and more of an event to explore and learn about the latest market and technology trends driving the travel industry. The intended audience has evolved from day-to-day users of our products to leaders, decision-makers and influencers across all of our global partners - agencies, airlines, hoteliers, technology providers and more.

    As a result of this progression, STX 2020 will not offer Trams and ClientBase user training sessions. STX will however showcase the solutions within agency management breakout sessions and the Product Showcase, where our product experts can engage in strategic value discussions with current and potential customers.

    Just as the STX event has evolved, so have the options available to train and engage our Trams and ClientBase customers. We recognize the value of ongoing training, customer engagement and networking opportunities, and are exploring new more flexible training and engagement alternatives. Additional information will be forthcoming.

    Thank you for being a loyal customer, your business is valued, and your success remains our mission.

    Warm Regards,
    Your Trams and ClientBase Product Team


    Q: Are there training or user sessions at STX this year?
    A: No. The STX event has evolved and expanded to include various travel industry leaders and decision-makers, and is focused on exploring the latest market and technology trends that will drive our travel industry forward.

    Q: If not available at STX, what are my training options?
    A: There are existing resources on and the team will be sharing additional engagements and resources later in the year. If you have specific needs, please contact your Trams/ClientBase Account team.

    Q: Should Trams and ClientBase customers still attend?
    A: Both Trams and ClientBase will have limited representation in breakout sessions and at the Product Showcase, where customers can ask strategic questions about the solutions.

    Note: Agency leaders and managers of current and potential customers will gain the most from STX 2020 as the conference is intended to introduce leaders and managers with products and services that they may not be familiar with today. It is not intended to be a training conference.

    Q: I have an issue I was planning to address/clarify at STX, what should I do?
    A: Please contact your account team or the support desk and we will assist you directly.

    Q: Does this imply anything about the Sabre commitment to Trams and ClientBase.
    A: No, this is an evolution of both our Sabre global event and the way we will engage our user community. The Sabre commitment to Trams and ClientBase remains strong.

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