Introducing our newest Live Connect Partner - ID Travel Group

    February 13, 2020

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    Live Connect

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    Live Connect

    ClientBase Live Connect - Save time and improve efficiency by transmitting selected client information to a booking engine. Then electronically transmit back reservation details and automatically complete the reservation form with what's been booked.


    ID Travel Group

    Island Destinations, the Authority for Luxury Travel®, IDx, The Power of Travel and ID Ultimate Itineraries are elite brands of the ID Travel Group, a global premier luxury tour operator. Setting the standard for excellence, the Virtuoso, Signature Travel Network, Affluent Traveler and Travel Leaders Group preferred luxury tour operator is dedicated exclusively to elite travel advisors, offering a hand-picked collection of world-class hotels, resorts and villas throughout Asia, Middle East, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Hawai'i, Fiji, French Polynesia, Central America, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, the Caribbean and the ID Villa Portfolio. Known for their high-touch service, ultimate concierge and premier coverage, ID Travel Group prides itself on featuring warm weather destinations and curated experiences designed to define a "trip of a lifetime."


    Import Existing Reservation

    • Allows user to browse for reservation and upon retrieval sends reservation details from booking engine's confirmation page to ClientBase Res Card.

    Retrieve & Update Existing Reservation

    • Retrieves existing reservation previously imported via Live Connect for viewing or editing. Upon editing, imports updated reservation details.


    CBW Live Connect
    CBO Live Connect



    Live Connect


    • Tour Operators 70 across 27 different Booking Engines
    • Cruise Lines 30 across 14 different Booking Engines
    • Insurance  15
    • Air Consolidators  3
    • Hotel Providers 3
    • Car Providers 1
    • Itinerary Providers 2

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