ClientBase Windows version 4.09 is now available.

    August 19, 2020

    Customers Affected:

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    Dear ClientBase Windows Customer,

    We are excited to announce that ClientBase Windows version 4.09 is now available. In our 4.09 release, we have focused on updates surrounding our Merge to PNR and PNR Import features.

    Key Enhancements:

    Merge to PNR (All GDS)

    • From the profile you can now select from two additional gender types, X (Unspecified) and U (undisclosed) from the Gender dropdown list for Travelers and Contacts. These new gender types will merge to PNR using the existing ≪Gender≫ merge field.
    • To help you comply with IATA rule 830d, we have added the following new Merge to PNR rules in the Traveler Miscellaneous field group. To see recommended rule formats, please review the Traveler Contact and Emergency Contact Rules by GDS chart in our 4.09 release notes.
      • ≪Traveler Contact Primary Phone≫
      • ≪Traveler Contact Primary Email≫
      • ≪Emergency Contact Phone Prefix/Suffix Without Dash≫
      • ≪Emergency Contact E-mail - @≫
      • ≪Emergency Contact E-mail - //≫

    PNR Import

    • For Sabre Red 360 customers, we have updated our integration to use the Sabre GetReservation API to import Sabre PNR reservation data. This change allowed us to improve the quality of the reservation details being imported. It also provided the ability to import new CSL (Content Services for Lodging) reservations and in the future NDC (New Distribution Capability) reservations.

    For the list of fixes included in ClientBase Windows 4.09 please view the 4.09 release notes.

    Installation Instructions:

    Please verify your current version of ClientBase Windows and follow the appropriate directions below.

    If your agency is on version 4.01 or higher, it is easier than ever to upgrade to new versions. Upon logging into ClientBase you will be prompted that Feature Enhancement Updates are available. To install, simply click on Install Release, it will update and restart CBW automatically. Please note: You may be prompted to update more than one application, as there may be updates for utilities and other files that work with ClientBase.

    Update Screen

    If you are still on version 4.0 please access the software updates page on our website and download the new install files following the instructions provided. If you are on any version before 4.0 please contact our support team to schedule an appointment for assistance with the upgrade process.

    If you have any questions about this upgrade or run into any issues, please contact our Support Department at 800-388-7267 option 2 or by email at

    We are grateful to be your partner and hope you find value in these latest enhancements!

    Kind Regards,
    Jill Kuhns, ClientBase and ClientBase Marketing Services Product Manager

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