TouchBase Program

Let ClientBase help you impress your clients even more with TouchBase. This service enables you to “touch” your clients by sending them greetings and/or reminders at regular intervals. Recognize birthdays and anniversaries, welcome them to the agency, thank them for referrals, and more! The TouchBase Program is the best solution for staying at the top of mind of your clients!

As a ClientBase and/or ClientBase Marketing Services user, add TouchBase to automate template greetings and reminders you can opt in to sending to your clients on regular intervals.

Click here to sign up for ClientBase Marketing Services.  (Please use this link if you are not already participating in ClientBase Marketing Services.)

Contact your Sales Representative or email for more information.

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Key Benefits

  • Build even better relationships with your clients
  • Make your clients feel special and keep them coming back to you to book travel
  • Keep your agency's brand at the top-of-mind of your clients by sending communications at more regular intervals
  • Our turn-key approach means all you have to do is sign up and we take care of the rest
  • Save time and reduce the costs for client retention efforts
  • Know what your clients want and where they would like to go with the Client e-Survey


  • Send professional HTML emails to your clients, customized with your agency logo, address and email address
  • Easily collect travel preferences by sending a Client e-Survey to each valid email address 2 times a year
  • 3 Holiday Greetings
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Passport Expiration Reminders
  • Welcome Home Greetings
  • Welcome to the Agency Greetings
  • Thank You for Your Referral Greetings
  • Thank You for Your Inquiry Greetings
  • Anniversary Greetings

Access and Availability

To participate in the TouchBase Program, your agency must have an active subscription to ClientBase and be set up to synchronize.


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