Trams Invoice History Red App

The Trams Invoice History Red App is a powerful tool that makes it quick and easy for a front line agent working in Sabre Red Workspace to locate and view previously issued invoices directly from the Trams database. No need to disturb the bookkeeper or spend time finding hard-to-locate files. If your agency uses Trams Back Office, ClientBase Windows or ClientBase Online, this new Red App and its extensive search options, rich display of booking details and the ability to reprint or email invoices provides any agent working in SRW with new capabilities to improve workflow and increase levels of customer service. It’s easy to set up and use with little to no training required.
Click here to view the Trams Invoice History Red App.  

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Key Benefits

  • Improve workflow for both front line agents and back office operators, as agents no longer need to request or wait for information from Trams Back Office operators.
  • Increase your front line agents’ efficiency by providing handy access to this Red App directly from Sabre Red Workspace. Launch it with a click of a button!
  • Improve your customer service by easily locating, viewing, printing or emailing past invoice and booking details.
  • View past invoice booking details as far back as your agency database goes. Unlike PNR’s, these invoice booking details are not automatically removed after departure. 

    Here are just a few examples of how agencies using Trams are putting this app to work: 

  • Employees that don’t use ClientBase or have access to Trams Back Office data can now look up invoice details (whether generated by ClientBase or interfaced from the GDS) and reprint or email copies of invoices for customers.
  • Front line agents now have instant access to past travel history. For example, Linda Smith calls and wants to know what hotel she stayed at during her last trip to Houston over a year ago.
  • After-hours staff can now access booking details managed through ClientBase or booked outside of the GDS and can quickly and intelligently service customers calling in for after-hours support.
  • Front line agents can now quickly lookup a credit card number for a previously issued invoice. 


  • Search for past travel invoices in the Trams database using combinations of parameters to quickly find particular invoice bookings for a traveler.
  • Search results grid displays all bookings associated with each invoice
  • Sort search results by clicking on column header.
  • Drag and drop columns in the search results screen to re-arrange column positions.
  • Reprint or email copies of Trams Back Office and ClientBase invoices.
  • Email feature opens a Microsoft Outlook email and attaches an invoice .pdf file to the email.

Pricing and Special Offers

$39 per PCC annually

Technical Requirements

Agency must subscribe to Sabre GDS and either Trams Back Office, ClientBase Windows, or ClientBase Online.