IC/Host Agency Export Utility

Agencies today are choosing to change the way they make their bookings. Many are dropping out of ARC/BSP and booking air tickets through a Host Agency. They may also book some or all of their Cruise & Tour business with a Host Agency, or continue doing those bookings as they always have. These Independent Contractor (IC) Agents working through a Host Agency, may still operate a Store Front location, or move into a "home based" environment.

This utility is designed for independent contractors (IC) and host agencies to share data more efficiently. IC's use the host's GDS create invoices marked with their own IC code. These invoices are then interfaced into the host's Trams Back Office (TBO) database. This utility gives the Host the ability to transfer these interfaced invoices to the IC for importing into their IC copy of Trams Back Office. To receive records from a host agency using this utility, an IC must have a copy of Trams Back Office. The utility also allows IC's that use ClientBase to create invoices, to export those invoices and share them with the host agency.

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Key Benefits

  • Share data more efficiently between the host agency and Independent Contractor
  • Create and share invoices quickly and in just a few keystrokes
  • Enables the Host Agency to determine and pay IC commissions more efficiently


  • Host Agencies: Send GDS generated invoice files to your Independent Contractors.
  • Independent Contractors: Send ClientBase generated invoice files to your Host Agencies.

Pricing and Special Offers

FREE!! The IC/Host Agency Export Utility is available to Trams Back Office and ClientBase agencies at no additional charge.

Technical Requirements

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Access and Availability

Available now.