Custom Promotions

Custom Promotions, one of our ClientBase Marketing Services products, offers you a tool that allows you to create your own promotions to send to your clients. It is used for promotions received directly from suppliers, when creating your own itineraries, sending messages about your agency events, or using co-op dollars. No need to struggle with transferring data back and forth with third party email programs any longer. This program is fully integrated with ClientBase, CBMS and consortia marketing programs to have one place for all your marketing needs and to make creating your own promotions easy. To participate in ClientBase Marketing Services, you must be subscribed to ClientBase Windows or ClientBase Online.

Login to your CBMS account/Custom promotions. 

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Key Benefits


  • Send your clients custom professional looking HTML emails
  • Design a consistent agency branding on all of your custom promotions
  • Target the clients you want to reach from your latest data in ClientBase without having to export data
  • Follow up on a client's interest about a promotion by tracking when a client has received, opened or clicked an offer
  • Feel comfortable that your promotions are in compliance with email broadcasting requirements
  • Enjoy better chances of emails getting to your client’s inbox
  • Measure the success of your custom promotions with ClientBase



  • Custom promotions is fully integrated with ClientBase, your workflow, ClientBase Marketing Services and your consortia marketing program
    • Pull your latest email list data from ClientBase, targeted by any of the ClientBase Query levels
    • Load open and click mailer records back to the client profiles in ClientBase for easy follow-up
    • Provide a link to the promotion in the client profile in ClientBase so your agents see what was sent to the client
    • View your custom promotions along with your supplier and consortia marketing on your marketing calendar.
  • Easily design your own professional HTML emails - available for all levels of Marketers and Computers users 
    • Use a simple WYSIWYG editor for users that are new to creating promotions
    • Work directly in the Custom Promotions HTML editor for more advanced users
    • Copy HTML in from other sources
  • Feel confident about getting to your client's in-box
    • Sent through our IP addresses
      • Use our sending reputation to get a better delivery rate
      • Reduce your  risk of getting blacklisted
    • Marketing is CAN-SPAM and Seller of Travel compliant

Pricing and Special Offers

Contact your Sales Representative for more information. 


Additional Information

Check out the ClientBase Marketing Services Manual document and the Custom Promotions recording.

Technical Requirements

Have ClientBase Online or ClientBase Windows with Syncing. The latest version of IE is recommended.

Access and Availability

Available now to ClientBase subscribers.


You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documentation files. Click here to obtain Adobe Reader.

Recorded Training

IMPORTANT NOTE: For maximum utilization, use Google Chrome to access recordings. (May take a few moments to download.)