Credit Card Merchant

Trams and ClientBase Products and Services has formed alliances with credit card processing companies, to bring you competitive rates and an easy-to-use interface to process agency merchant credit card service fees and other transactions through Trams Back Office.

The Credit Card (CC) Merchant Reconciliation under Payments|Reconciliation|CC Merchant Reconciliation takes the CC Merchant payments from Trams Back Office (TBO) verifies them, and sends them electronically to your credit card processor. Your credit card transactions are then processed and sent back to Trams Back Office, where TBO clears the processed items and creates the payment and the journal entry to record the activity in the General Ledger.

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Key Benefits

  • Credit Card Merchant uses state-of-the art technology to automatically authorize credit card transactions over your Internet
  • Our recommended processing companies have 20-plus years of experience with audited trust accounting and ensure all aspects of your account will be kept completely confidential
  • Take advantage of cost effective service fee transactions with Trams plans


  • Designed to process your credit card merchant payments, using the data you have already entered into Trams Back Office
  • Partnerships have been formed with credit card processing companies to bring you competitive rates
  • Credit card processing companies partnered with Trams are BluePay Canada, which processes US and Canadian transactions including the UATP Card and National Transaction Corp (NTC) - processing US transactions

Pricing and Special Offers

Credit Card Merchant is included inside of the Trams Back Office Software. However, agencies must contact one of the providers below to sign up with one of the processors.

Additional Information

Preparing to Use Merchant Credit Card Transactions:

National Transaction Corp. (NTC) contact information:
Mark Fravel
T: 888-996-2273

BluePay Canada contact information:

T: 855-812-5191

The program uses the CC Merchant form of payment from TBO that distinguishes credit card payments processed by the vendor from those that are processed by the agency. This software will only query those records that have CC Merchant as the form of payment.

CC Merchant payments are captured in TBO by entering the payments in ClientBase, or through Interface from your Front Office by using the formats outlined in the Trams Back Office Interface Guide for your particular reservation system. The formats consist of one or two "accounting" lines that are entered, in addition to any descriptive entries in the Passenger Name Record. The accounting entry will correctly identify (but is not limited to) the following data:

  • Booking Amount
  • Commission
  • CC Merchant form of payment
  • Credit Card Number and Expiration Date
  • Vendor
  • Travel Type

Technical Requirements

  • Trams Back Office 3.00.00 or Higher
  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • An account with a Credit Card Processing Company compatible with Trams


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