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ClientBase Browser version is an add-on to ClientBase Windows making remote access to your ClientBase data available to any computer running Internet Explorer. This version does require a Web Server hosted by your agency, and has most of the functionality included in ClientBase Windows version. 

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Key Benefits

  • Access your ClientBase database from any Internet connected computer
  • Take advantage of accessing the most accurate client information with synchronization.
  • Enhance your customer relationship management capabilities
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in your office
  • Deliver unbeatable customer service and increase agency revenues
  • Drive greater effectiveness in marketing
  • Maximize the turnkey marketing campaigns offered by ClientBase Marketing Services


  • Use the same database as your Trams Back Office system
  • Create detailed client and vendor profiles and implement personalized marketing
  • Advanced query and reporting
  • Merge to PNR allows agents to push profile data directly into the PNR
  • Import PNR segment details into ClientBase quickly and efficiently
  • Manage trip details including reservations, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing and invoicing, and inventory management in the Res Card
  • Live Connect to third-party web-based booking engines to seamlessly pass agency login and client data to the supplier booking site AND import reservations from the booking engines back into customers' profiles within ClientBase
  • Create multiple reminders to help remember common tasks such as collecting deposit, final payment, checking for documents, making welcome home calls -- all at one time
  • Print client quotes, or trip proposals to provide a format friendly print out of reservations you have made that does not coincide with receiving payment from your client
  • Maintain and track contacts and marketing programs
  • AND much more!

Pricing and Special Offers

Contact your Sales Representative for more information.

Additional Information

Remote Access Solutions

There are several options for connecting your remote users or multiple branches to your ClientBase database. We have listed some options below with a brief description of each for your information.

Direct Connection - Connect using TCP/IP through the Internet. Requires 100K bandwidth per simultaneous User (both directions) for this option to be fast enough. ClientBase is installed on the workstation(s) and data is processed at the server and the results of the processing are passed to the remote location. Existing firewalls must be configured to allow access to the data.

Terminal Server - A connection through the Internet to a machine that sits on your network and allows you to operate the computer from a remote location. The data is processed at the network location and viewed remotely. This option involves a server that can handle all of the simultaneous users and licensing for the Terminal Server software which is provided by Microsoft. In order to use the PNR Import feature in ClientBase your GDS must also be set up to run in Terminal Server (For more information contact your GDS).

ClientBase Online Sync - Using the Windows version of ClientBase and/or Trams Back Office? ClientBase Online is available to you too as a CB add-on providing a robust solution to your remote access challenges. 

Browser Access - The ClientBase Browser program is designed to be an add-on program to the Windows version of ClientBase, providing Browser access to your ClientBase database for remote Users. In order to make your ClientBase database accessible via an Internet Browser program, you will need to setup and maintain a Web Server. The Browser version of ClientBase targets front-line agent functionality and includes a subset of the functionality included in the full Windows version.

Database Synchronization - This option is currently available for syncing between the primary database and one or more additional branches. It involves making a copy of the primary database, putting a copy in the branch location and then synchronizing any changes. Each ClientBase database location needs a separate license. Speed when working in a synchronized database is the same as using your regular database since it is running on a local server, and you can set this up to automatically synchronize using Windows Task Scheduler.

Access and Availability

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Recorded Training

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