DBUpChecker Utility

In our effort to streamline the upgrade process, a new utility was created that you can run now to check to see if your Trams database has any issues that could impact your ability to upgrade.

This new database validation tool is quick and easy and can be run while users are connected to your database. Using this tool, before running the database update will minimize any issues during the actual database upgrade process. Be advised this utility will make no changes to your data.

The database update (dbup) routine has been enhanced to check for certain conditions that could prevent the database from being updated. A log file is created detailing any issues found. If conditions that would prevent the database update from running are found, an attempt will also be made to automatically create an email with the log file attached, addressed to the Support Team.

The following checks are now included during the dbup routine:
• The version of InterBase installed on the Server
• Windows version
• Buffer and page sizes
• Physical memory size
• Write Mode
• Unencrypted databases


Step 1) Download the DBUpChecker.exe.

Step 2) Double-click the executable file.

Step 3) Select the database alias for your database.

Step 4) Type in the SYSDBA password.

Step 5) Click the Check button.

Either you will receive a prompt that no issues were found, or a log file will be displayed.


Name: DBUpChecker.exe
Size: 4.6KB
Date: 05/16/16