Trams and ClientBase Product and Services Leadership

Dan Palley
, Chief Technical Officer
Dan Palley was the first employee hired when Trams and ClientBase Products and Services was founded in 1986. Fresh out of computer school, Dan ignored the advice of his parents and friends and abandoned his job with a Fortune 500 company to go to a small start-up with an uncertain future. Years later, Dan is still the head of all stuff technical at Trams and ClientBase Products and Services, including overseeing the small army of developers that create the products that make up the Trams and ClientBase Products and Services line. He’s considering training his son, Nick, to program so that he can look forward to his retirement in the not-so-near future.

Linda Pannekeet
, Trams Back Office Product Marketing Manager
Linda Pannekeet works in the Los Angeles office where she holds the positions of Trams Back Office Product Manager and Client Relations Manager. During Linda’s 23-year tenure, she has gained an in-depth understanding of the applications offered by Trams and ClientBase Products and Services and how that relates to customer’s needs. This experience has helped Linda to make an impact in her role with regards to improved agency implementation procedures and presenting customer’s concerns and requests to the development team. Some of Linda’s other interests include: cooking, swimming, and of course, shopping.

Lindsay Chomyn
, CBMS Product Marketing Manager
Lindsay Chomyn has worked with Trams and ClientBase Products and Services since 1996 in assorted positions. She currently holds the position of Director of Operations for CBMS . Lindsay’s background is Accounting/Management and she has spent some time as a travel agent. Her background makes working at Trams and ClientBase Products and Services a perfect fit and it shows in her enthusiasm for her daily work. Lindsay and her husband, Chris spend their time outside of work trying to keep up with their two young daughters Anneke and Alexis. One look at Lindsay’s desk, covered in pictures of the family, tells you how much she enjoys motherhood.

Chris Bolding,
Director, Product Marketing


Rebecca Darter
, Quality Assurance Manager
Rebecca Darter has been with Trams and ClientBase Products and Services since 2006, and manages the Quality Assurance department.  Prior to Trams, she learned the ins and outs of the travel industry while working at an agency in Illinois for 2 years.  During her time at the agency, Rebecca fell in love with Trams and ClientBase Products and Services software and transitioned from customer to employee when she moved to Los Angeles.   In her current role, Rebecca manages a team that is dedicated to releasing the best software in the industry.  Rebecca holds a B.S. in International Studies from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.